Stanford Graduate School of Business Ignite Program

Dec 2012

Final Venture Pitch

Final Venture Presentation Deck


  • Stanford Ignite is a restricted course on developing and commercializing ideas, taught by outstanding Stanford GSB faculty. It provides exposure to both the fundamentals of business, and the practical aspects of identifying, evaluating, and moving business ideas forward. Prominent executives and investors participate as guest speakers, expert panelists, and business mentors, providing candid feedback throughout the venture building process.
  • My initial venture idea (see below) was selected by popular vote, and thus I led a 6-person team from design thinking through to pitching to a panel of Silicon Valley VC’s.
  • Our final venture idea (see above) was received positively, with comments by VC’s on the promise of bootlegging 2.0 and micro-blogging the concert experience. We also gained helpful critique about our under-estimation of costs of starting up in the consumer electronics space.

Future Work

  • Where today’s concert crowd “throws their smartphones in the air”, the use case seems promising. The next step is to prototype the Sweetspot headset and app, and evaluate its technical feasibility.

Initial Idea Pitch

Initial Idea Submission

Team Moments

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