Skins Reprise – Final Project

Dec 2012



ChucK, Wekinator


  • To generate a freeform algorithmic number of your own creation!
  • I chose to create an interactive piece, for the performer to improvise with a fixed computer-generated backing track (‘Lucid Dream’), using machine-learning control.


  • Apple’s Mac Magic Trackpad was selected to be a ‘hyper-instrument’ for improvisational control by the user.
  • The Wekinator software accepted X and Y positions and velocities on the trackpad to train machine-learning models for several computer synth instruments in ChucK.
  • Computer instruments featured multiple continuous and discrete parameters (e.g. stereo pan, timbre, choice of melodic line), which as a result could be controlled by the trackpad.

Future Work

  • Multiple trackpads controlling ‘synths’.
  • More spatialization control, up to 4 channels would be realizable on a small square trackpad of this type (each corner represents one channel).

Web Writeup

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