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I am into building consumer-facing media products, and believe the digital renaissance is indeed upon us!

My skills: a bias for action, product design (visual, audio, interaction, UI/UX), product development, multimedia, software development, mobile, entrepreneurship, human subjects research.


Priyanka Shekar recently graduated with a Master’s from Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). Her study was supported by the Stanford Arts Institute-Denning Family Fellowship in Fine Arts, awarded especially for her interdisciplinary interest and creative promise. Priyanka hails from New Zealand, completing a BE in Electrical and Electronics at The University of Auckland. Her interests include social music, HCI, creative collaboration, startups, and blue sky thinking. Her project in physical interaction design, Dough-Re-Mi, is an electronic instrument toy that manipulates vocals under play dough controller handwork. It was showcased in 2013 at Maker Faire Bay Area and Pop-up Magazine (Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco). Last Summer, Priyanka was involved in the Stanford Graduate School of Business Ignite program, where her venture idea for a 3D binaural headset that captures everyday soundscapes was chosen and developed for commercialization. Additionally, she was a Product Intern at Shazam, generating concepts for in-app notifications, as well as researching chroma fingerprints as a perceptual alternative for audio recognition in large-scale databases. Priyanka is eager to be presenting her work on the effects of musical training and stimulus timbre on singing reproduction at the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition in Seoul later this year. Closer to home, she supports likeminded women in tech as a Lean In Campus Leader, initiating Lean In within the CCRMA community. Priyanka continues to blur the line between tech and arts, and believes the digital renaissance is indeed upon us.