I am pursuing my Master’s at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)  - a hot mix of Music, HCI and DSP.

I am into creating new media interactions between man and machine.

My Story

IN MY PAST, I immigrated to New Zealand from India as an impressionable 1-year old, and grew up with a value for different cultures, broadened horizons and insatiable wanderlust.

PRESENTLY, I am the Imagineer – I live at the intersection of technology and liberal arts.

IN THE FUTURE, I want to open up startup shop in Silicon Valley, born to ever-mounting user needs for a social, intuitive and experimental good time.

The digital renaissance is indeed upon us.

Formal Bio

Priyanka Shekar is a Master’s student at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). She is funded by the Stanford Arts Institute-Denning Family Fellowship in Fine Arts, awarded especially for her interdisciplinary interest and creative promise. Priyanka hails from New Zealand, completing her BE in Electrical and Electronics at The University of Auckland. Her interests include physical interaction design, HCI, all things related to the voice (modeling, digital effects, perception and cognition), startups, and blue sky thinking. Her project in physical interaction design, Dough-Re-Mi, manipulates vocals under play dough controller handwork. It was showcased in 2013 at Maker Faire and Pop-up Magazine (Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco). Priyanka was recently involved in the Stanford Graduate School of Business Ignite Program for researchers interested in entrepreneurship, where her venture idea for a 3D binaural headset to capture everyday soundscapes was selected. She continues to blur the line between tech and arts, and believes the digital renaissance is indeed upon us.


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